Six Hat Thinking Technique in Program Evaluation: The Evaluation of the Quality of Mathematics Teacher Training Program in Turkey*
In this research, the aim was to get the primary school mathematics teacher training programevaluated by the prospective teachers by using the six hat thinking technique. In this study,phenomenology, which is a qualitative research design, was used. The participants of the studyconsisted of 18 senior university students who are prospective teachers and were chosen consideringtheir experiences in the program. The data were collected by means of a written form on which theprospective teachers expressed their ideas about the program under each hat. The data collectedwere subject to content analysis. Result of the research show that the opinions of prospectiveteachers’ on the quality of the mathematics teacher training program were gathered under thefollowing themes: the curriculum, teaching staff, educational environment and their occupation. Inconclusion, prospective teachers have positive and negative opinions about quality of mathematicsteacher training program. Aspects of the curriculum were emphasized by the prospective teachers inall the themes that emerged.