The Role of Drama in Raising Environmental Awareness in Preservice Science Teachers
This study aims to determine the effect of drama activities on the environmental knowledge, attitude, and behaviors of preservice science teachers to be observed at the end of the drama activities within the framework of determined environmental issues. This is a pretest-posttest control group-designed study. The study was conducted with a total of 67 preservice teachers of which 33 (9 males, 24 females) constituted the experimental group and 34 (13 males, 21 females) constituted the control group. The participants studies in the Science Teaching Program of Primary Education Department in Gazi University’s Gazi Education Faculty. To determine the environmental awareness of preservice teachers, the study created an Environmental Awareness Scale (EAS) which was composed of three different tests: Environmental Awareness Knowledge Test (EAKT), Environmental Awareness Attitude Test (EAAT), and Environmental Awareness Behavior Test (EABT). In the study, EAS was applied to the participants both as a pretest and a posttest. The results revealed that the drama method has a positive effect on the preservice teachers’ environmental awareness. When the two groups were compared, it was found that there was a significant difference to the advantage of the experimental regarding the knowledge and behavior scores. However, the difference between the attitudes was not significant. In the light of the results, some suggestions were stated at the end of the study.