Action Research on Using Drama in Human Rights Education
Human rights and democracy education is a form of education which includes furnishingindividuals with social behaviors, and learning through experience should be considered as thegrounds in order for it to make permanent changes and allow students to internalize human rightsand democracy manners. Thus, the problem statement of the research question is as follows; “Whatare pre-service teachers’ perceptions, opinions and interpretations on the effectiveness of usingdrama about human rights and democracy education in training Social Sciences pre-serviceteachers?” The study group of the action research consists of 69 junior students who were studyingin the Department of Social Sciences Teaching during 2012-2013 academic year and who were takingHuman Rights and Democracy course. Data for the study were gathered through open-endedquestion forms, semi-structured interviews and video recordings taken during drama activities. Thedata were analyzed by using content analysis and descriptive analysis methods. It was observed thathuman rights and democracy education could turn into social behaviors and the setting required forenabling awareness could be provided through drama activities.