The Analysis of Geography Teacher Candidates’ Perceptions Towards “Geography” Concept with the Help of Metaphors

This research has been conducted to reveal the metaphors of geography teacher candidates about “Geography” concept. Within 2009-2010 Academic Year, Spring Term, 120 geography teacher candidates at University of Gazi, Educational Faculty, Geography Education Department joined the study as the research group. The datum of the research conducted as the geography teacher candidates’ completing the statement: “Geography is like ………….., because ……”. In the analysis and interpretations of the datum, content analysis technique of qualitative research method was used. According to the outcome of the research geography teacher candidates have created 42 different and acceptable mental images related to “Geography” concept. These metaphors were classified under 7 different conceptual categories after studied carefully with regard to common qualities. At the end of the research, it was understood that %45 of the geography teacher candidates have a perception that Geography is the expression of life, %17 of the those perceived that it is a way of expressing importance, %17 as an expression of place, %7 as an expression of obscurity, %7 as a way of expressing knowledge, %7 as a way of expressing love and %4 as a way of expressing unification.