Teacher perception of school principal interpersonal communication style: A qualitative study of a Turkish primary school*
The purpose of this study was to explore considerable aspects in communication patterns of a schoolsetting that might play important roles in principal-teacher interactions. By using a qualitativeresearch method, the present study focused on teachers' views on communication styles of the schoolprincipal in a Turkish primary school. A semi-structured interview form prepared by researcherswas applied to 14 teachers in a school from Ankara province. Content analysis is employed in theanalysis of the data. Results illustrated that communication within this school perceived byinterviewed teachers was inefficient. The school principal doesn’t effectively use communication fordeveloping collaboration between teachers and improving school. Findings from this study stronglypoint out the need of developing an interaction between the principal and teachers that can allowopen two-way communication Recommendations for future research are made including the needfor an investigation based on the opinions of not only teachers but also principals, parents andstudents. Additionally, school principals and teachers’ interactions can be examined in a moredetailed way by using a social network analysis approach.