Development of the Self-Regulation Skills Scale*
Preschool children develop cognitive, behavioral, emotional and motivational regulation and controlskills to achieve their own goals. The evaluation of these skills, named as self-regulation skills, in anearly period of life time is important to direct educational and interventional programs. For thisreason, it is necessary to have valid and reliable measurement tools to assses these skills. Thepurpose of this study was to develop a valid and reliable scale in order to evaluate 48-72 monthschildren’s self-regulation skills. The research was carried out on a total of 447 preschoolers. Theexploratory factor analysis of the data indicated that the scale consist of 33 items and two subscales(regulation and control skills). The total variance revealed was 55.71% and the factor loadings of thescale were observed to be between .58 and .82. The Cronbach’s Alpha value of the total scale wasfound as .96 and test-retest value was calculated as .99. The findings indicated that the scale, namedas the “Self-Regulation Skills Scale”, is a valid and reliable test that can evaluate 48-72 monthschildren’s self-regulation skills.