Analyzing The Alternative Assessment Applications for the Development of Teaching: Review of Literature
The teachers are expected to monitor the progress of students in teaching process as well after thetransformation from traditional to constructivist curriculum. The main aim of this study is to revealthe problems faced in classrooms in implementing the alternative assessment methods by usingholistic literature review. Based on the research question “What is the usage of alternative assessmentmethods in elementary and high school”, two sub-questions are asked to limit the review: a) Whatkind of alternative assessment methods are used in elementary and high school? b) What kind ofproblems occur in implementing the alternative assessment methods in elementary and high school?This study revealed that teachers need serious training in pre-service and in-service education notonly for alternative assessment methods but also for general assessment methods. The teachers haveno adequate knowledge about formative assessment methods to enhance their instruction.Alternative assessment methods should be modified according to the curriculum and objectivesalong with time allocated for evaluation. Some valuable researches can be done to change theteachers’ negative beliefs concerning the benefits of the alternative assessment methods. Finally,observational and experimental studies are needed to clarify the issues faced in alternativeassessment methods.