An Examination of Postgraduate Theses Written About the Gifted
This study aims at conducting a qualitative document review of postgraduate theses to scrutinise thestudies that can be performed in the most extensive manner on gifted individuals and to show whereTurkey is in its study of the gifted. Their importance has been increasingly recognised across theworld but only lately noticed in Turkey. In this context, 91master, 33 doctorate theses and 1 specialtythesis obtained from the archive of the Council of Higher Education were examined in the study.According to the findings obtained as a result of the study, the number of theses written on thegifted in Turkey has increased in the last five years. Thesis studies on the gifted have beenperformed as a quantitative method. As for the population/sample/study group used, it is seen thatthe theses have mostly concentrated on elementary school students through multi-purposivesampling method. It was found that scales are the most used measuring tool in the theses and theindependent t-test is the most used test to analyse the data obtained.