Stress Sources of Conservatory Students (Pages: 216 - 228)
This research aims to reveal the causes of stress in conservatory students, by utilizing their opinions. In this research, conducted with quantitive research method, the causes of stress to which students are exposed during undergraduate study are researched and semi-structured interview forms are used as data collection form. At the end of the interviews, the causes of stress in students are explained under 4 main categories: educational system, future concerns, social life, personal characteristics and diverse themes and subthemes related to this categories. In this research, it is observed that students often emphasize the stress factors such as future concerns, performance concerns for instrument exams and lack of music practicing room. Furthermore, it is detected that the factors such as society's point of view about classic music, not being understood by their friends other than those of conservatory stress students. It is also observed that to make more efforts for employability of classic music performers will provide signifıcant solution for decreasing causes of stress exposed by students.