Metaphorıcal Perceptıons Of Geometrıcal Concepts By Secondary School Students Identıfıed As Gıfted And Identıfıed As Non-gıfted (Pages: 118 - 137)
The aim of this study is to analyze the metaphorical perceptions of geometrical concepts by secondary school students who are identified as gifted and non-gifted. The study was conducted with 160 students who were identified as gifted and 85 students who were identified as non-gifted, for a total of 245 students in 2014- 2015 academic year. To determine the perceptions of the participants regarding the geometry concepts, they were asked to complete the sentences such as; “Geometry is like…/similar to…, because...". The participants not only developed a metaphor, but also explained why they used this metaphor. The content analysis was used to interpret and analyze the data.According to the findings, the students produced a total of 142 valid metaphors for the concept of geometry. These metaphors are grouped under 10 different conceptual categories in terms of their common features. Conceptual categories did not demonstrate significant differences between the gifted students and the non-gifted students. The students identified geometry mainly as an infinite and indispensable element, and a course which can reflect various aspects of life with the natural qualities. They have shown to believe this course is necessary and important. Metaphors can be used as a powerful research tool for students to understand their personal perceptions regarding geometry.