The Effect of Activity Based Instruction Approach on Students’ Attitudes Towards the Mathematics Lesson in the Second Grade of Primary School

The main aim of this research is to determine  the effect of activity based instruction  approach on students’ attitudes towards the mathematics lesson in the Second Grade of  Primary  School. The model of this study  is the  pre-experimental , which includes model of the pre-test and post-test with  one  group. The population of the study is the total of 30 sixth class  students  of  Alçıtepe Primary School  in Çanakkale Province . Students’ attitudes towards mathematics were determined by “Mathematics Attitude Scale” with 12 questions and 5 likert scales. The attitude scale has been applied as pre-test and post-test . To analyse of data were  used  the statistical techniques such as the  frequence ,mean score ,arithmetic mean and  independent t test No significant difference as statistically was found between the pre-test and post-test attitude scores of students  towards the mathematics lesson . Although it was seen  that  the females’ attitude scores of pre-test and post-test were more high than male’s attitude scores, no significant difference was found in terms of sexuality variable.