The Problems That Social Studies Teachers Encounter İn Learning And Teaching Process
This study aimed at determining the problems that social studies teachers face, the materials that they use, and the methods and evaluation techniques that they conduct in the classes in the dimension of teaching and learning process of currently used social studies course teaching program. The current study used qualitative research method. A total of 38 social studies teacher employed in secondary schools located in the city center of Karabuk in 2014-2015 education year participated in the study. This study made use of a semi-structured interview form developed by Geçer and Özel (2012) to obtain teachers’ views of teaching and learning process in the courses and administered a questionnaire to determine the materials, teaching methods, and evaluation techniques used in courses by teachers. Results revealed that social studies teachers faced such problems as inadequate amount of course, crowded classrooms, an intensive curriculum, and inadequacy of course materials. Participant social studies teachers stated that they most frequently used classroom chalkboard among classroom materials, question and answer method among teaching methods and multiple choice tests as evaluation techniques. Based on the results of the study, a line of suggestions as extending social studies classrooms equipped with proper instruments in schools, reorganizing the number of courses, extending seminars for the introduction of social studies program to teachers, and using alternative evaluation techniques effectively.