Hydrological Cycle through Spiral Curriculum Model in Science Education: The United States Versus Turkey


Hydrological cycle is a concept of 4 throuh 8 grade elementary science curriculum providing environmental education actively. In this study the hidrological cycle in science curricula of Turkey and The USA was compared. The directly and indirectly related standarts in Turkish science curriculum were identified and compared at the part of “water” and “hydrologic cycle”. With the result of the comparison data obtained from the content analysis of Turkish and The USA science curricula, each of them have a spiral madel design, but Turkish science curricula has not got a permanent sequence. The USA science curriculum has national standarts, but it has a changabla feature. Turkish elementary science curriculum has a distinguishing characteristic from the USA one at the part of the standarts. The standarts are containing too details in Turkey. This is a limiting factor for the local administration of the curriculum in different regions having dissimilar socio-economic, biological and geological properties.