University-school Collaboration Reflections 1: Integrating Technology İnto Teaching Using The Technology Integration Planning Model (tıpm)
This study analyzes the experience and opinions of senior level students of Computer and Instructional Technologies Program (CITP), about the process of " Being a Technology Specialist in a School ", which involves the integration of technology into school lessons, based on the TIPM model, through the collaboration of the university and the participating school. The study was conducted with 32 senior CITP students and 16 teachers and employed a quantitative and qualitative approach within a sequential mixed design. The scale used to collect the data was developed by the author of the study. The reliability level of the scale was 0.94. The qualitative section consisted of action research, the data of which were collected by document analysis (discussions in the wiki environment and reflection reports). The study results revealed that this experience in the real school environment influenced the students' perceptions of being an " Instructional Technology Coordinator", helped them to see that there were options available other than being a teacher and that their knowledge and skills about the process of integrating technology into lessons had undergone improvement. Students also reported that they had become more aware of the role they would play in the technology integration process in schools. According to the study results, the quality of technology integration in many school lessons can be improved through the collaboration of university students and field teachers who have a sufficient level of pedagogical information and skills.