Opinions of School Administrators about the Oral Exam Carried out to Select School Principals
The purpose of this research is to find out the opinions of school administrators having taken part in the oral exams carried out to select school principals. The research has been carried out on the basis of qualitative research. The workgroup of the research is comprised of 30 principal candidates, all of whom have taken part in oral exams carried out by Tokat directorate of national education between the 27th of August and 29th of August 2013. Semi-structured interview technique was used. The data was collected through face to face interviews. Data was analyzed through the content analysis method. The results of the research, it was expressed the participants found the application of oral exams positive. Furthermore it has been expressed heavily that there must be make some regulation about the criteria of oral exam evaluations, the candidates who are going to be selected to the oral exam committee and increasing the objectivity of oral exams. Lastly the effect of the oral exam application over the appointment of principals must be evaluated again and it must be determined a new effect ratio. Based on the results of the research, it is suggested that the criteria of oral exam evaluations be reviewed a new and that questions which can measure different abilities of the principals should come up in the exams, and that such criteria as expertise and experience be asked for the candidates to be selected to the oral exam committee.