A Research On The Method And Analysis Techniques Of The Postgraduate Theses Regarding The Sports İn Turkey (Pages: 78 - 86)
The main objective of this study is to analyze the different aspects of MA and PhD theses classified under “sports” index between 2010-2014 in National Thesis Center of Higher Education Institution. Document analysis method that is one of the qualitative research methods is adopted in this study. Within the scope of collecting research data for this study, 910 theses in total (master’s degree 75, 6%; n=688, specialty in medicine 2,1%; n=19 and doctorate 22,3%; n=203) that are accessible through internet and carried out between 2010-2014 under the title of “Sports” in the catalogue of National Thesis Center of Higher Education Institution (YÖK) are analyzed. For this purpose, the researchers defines aspects of study to be analyzed for each thesis and codes the collected data with an Excel package programme, and finally conduct a percentage and frequency analysis by calculating the percentage and frequency, respectively. As a conclusion, the study shows that MA and PhD theses indexed in National Thesis Center of Turkish Higher Education Institution are mainly conducted by male researchers, the number of MA theses are comparatively higher, the majority of thesis advisors are the academicians titled as Asst. Prof. Dr. It is also revealed that quantitative analysis methods and techniques are commonly used, movement and training sciences are the main study fields in scientific research domain, sampling groups of theses include dominantly athletes as it is expected, yet interestingly trainers and referees are rarely included in sampling groups, and the number of theses in foreign languages are significantly low. Considering all these conclusions, it is possible to suggest that postgraduate thesis on sports sciences in Turkey are affected by global changes and have unique features.