Perceptions Of Social Studies Preservice Teachers Related To The Concept Of Social Studies: Metaphor Analysis Sample
This study aimed at the perception of social studies preservice teachers identify their metaphors statement related to the concept of social studies is a qualitative descriptive survey research model. It was used phenomenology design that one of the designs qualitative research methods in data collection and the interpretation process.The research group of this study has consisted of social studies preservice teachers in Ahi Evran University Faculty of Education at 2014- 2015 academic fall semesterThe universe of the research is also examples.It is participated in a total of 341 preservice teachers, including who men.of 145 and girls of 196 in this study.However, Here are discussed.only producing metaphor surveys in a total 297 survey of preservice teachers who girls of 177 and 120 men .Based on related Research, "Social Studies preservice teachers for Social Studies Metaphor Survey" which was developed by researchers in the process of collecting data is used. Documents analysis of produce preservice teachers in the study group for "social studies" metaphors made by the analysis of content, are interpreted converted to the table the findings.Considering metaphors developed by the social studies preservice teachers on the concept of social studies, it is seen that preservice teachers evaluate under 7 categories the social studies and perceived this category of social studies up to "a combination of different disciplines." When looking to the metaphor developed for the concept of social studies, most commonly used by preservice teachers "tree" (% 6.06) is the metaphor. "Politics" discipline outside of the social sciences is seen not mentioned at all by preservice teachers in this study. Generally in all grade levels, in metaphor creation and to explain their rationale, the girls are made more attentive and understandably explanations according to male preservice teachers.