Teacher Opinions Concerning Development of Critical ThinkingSkills by the Primary Curriculum

The aim of this descriptive study was to determine at which degree the primary curriculum complies with the aim of developing critical-thinking skills. Study sampling consisted of 402 branch teachers and classroom teachers who served s in 26 public primary schools, located in the centre of Diyarbakir Province and affiliated to the National Education Directorate, in the academic year 2007-2008. A survey prepared by the researcher was applied in the scope of the study so as to reveal teacher opinions on the subject. After receiving expert opinions and making required reliability and validity calculations, finalized questionnaire was administered to the participant teachers. At the end of the data analysis, it was concluded that the primary curriculum was prepared in compliance with the critical-thinking skills. It was recorded that concerned curriculum adopted a student-centered approach in terms of the skills which should be taught to the students. It was determined that teachers did not receive sufficient in-service training to provide students with the critical-thinking skills.  It was also found out in the study that schools were not equipped with teaching materials and that there were insufficient numbers of places for students to make applications.