Investigation of Teachers’ Computer Usage Profiles and Attitudes toward Computers

The purpose of this study is to determine the status of computer usage and the attitudes toward computers of teachers and to investigate of several variables on their attitudes. For this purpose, “Information form about using computer” and “Scale of the attitudes for computers” was applied to 172 teachers. This study was conducted with survey methods). The data is analyzed through standard deviation and mean value as well as t-test and one way ANOVA for group comparison, besides to find which group causes the difference in the group comparison, a post hoc Tukey HSD test is employed. At the end of the study it is determined that the teachers use computers more at home and internet cafes and their levels of using computer programme are intermediate or upper. It is also determined that there is a significant difference according to the variables of taking computer classes, having a computer, level of using a computer, frequency of using  computer, experience of using computer and class of the scores of attitudes toward computers.