Quality of Teaching Faculty in Public Sector Universities of Pakistan as Viewed by Teachers Themselves



This research article discusses quality of faculty in public sector universities of Pakistan. All the teachers of public sector universities of Pakistan constituted the population. From the cluster of twelve public sector universities, 300 teachers were selected as a sample. A questionnaire for faculty members was administered at 5-point rating scale in order to collect their views about the quality of teachers in public sector university of Pakistan.  Standard deviation and standard error of means were calculated to measure the quality of teaching faculty. Teacher were found to be competent enough to provide conducive environment for learning. Pre service training courses for university teachers in teaching methodology, curriculum planning and education were required in order to improve teaching as a whole. Teachers were dissatisfied with present pay structure which resulted brain drain of teachers. Except a few teachers, majority of the teachers were not provided with housing facility. It is recommended that teachers be qualified and skilled and they should be given every possible facility. Teachers pay scales be revised and they be given quite attractive pay package in order to overcome brain drain of teachers.