Guidance Teachers Evaluate The Guidance Role of Supervisors

This research was conducted to evaluate the realization level of primary school supervisors’ guidance role in different variables according to opinions of guidance teachers. Nonparametric tests of Kruskal Wallis and Mann Whitney U Tests were used to get results from the measurement device which was applied to 137guidance teachers in Istanbul. It was found that graduates of Psychological Counseling and Guidance and Educational Programs and Teaching departments of education faculties are more competent in this field than graduates of other departments. For supervisors to supervise guidance teachers better, it was suggested that they should have been graduated from Education Faculties’ related fields or they should have a Master’s Degree in the field of guidance. Moreover, if they haven’t any education in the field of guidance, organizing in-service training courses towards eliminating their deficiencies in the field and gathering teachers’ evaluations about supervisors can be suggested according to the results of the study.