The Sample Model for Overcoming Underachievement in Gifted Students

ABSTRACT. One of the risks that the gifted students are confronted with is underachievement. Many researches on the gifted education show the main reasons for the underachievement of the gifted are as follow: emotional problems of the gifted, their peer groups, lack of proper education satisfying their needs, learning disabilities of the gifted, and lack of differentiated and individualized curriculum. We can not wait from them to resolve the problems that causes underachievment. Parents, school, teacher and students have to cooperate and decide together for preventions in order to find and eliminate the reasons that lead them to failure. In this study, it is discussed about the reasons of underachievment for gifted and talented students and introduced a model that can be applied to prevent their problems. This sample model will create an example for educators, to use this to eliminate underachievement of gifted children.